Get Started!

If you are new to EVOLUTION, follow these simple steps to get you all set in no time. Get started today! Explore EVOLUTION.



Download EVOLUTION. Install the software on your favorite Windows PC or notebook. It is simple.



Check guidelines, articles, and manuals. Replay the demo boat. Learn to build racecourses. Download forecasts. Have fun!


Go Aboard!

Create your boat’s configuration. Connect EVOLUTION to the instruments. Calibrate. Train. RACE!

Tips & Links


Get the latest version of the software from the Support→Downloads page.

This is the full-featured and only edition of EVOLUTION. It will run on any Windows PC. The only requirement is Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework, which is usually preinstalled. If not, you can set it up from the Microsoft site.


After running EVOLUTION for the first time, you will find the yacht Fortuna 3 selected. This demo boat, with a few recorded races, will help you explore the system.

At this point, please read “EVOLUTION – A Quick Tour“. Here you will learn how to move around, playback recorded races, and download and view forecasts. While in replay mode, you will see how EVOLUTION performed in real-time, precisely what the navigator saw during the race.

Go Aboard!

Here is where the action begins. You will need to:

  • Get the computer you will use aboard.
  • Activate EVOLUTION on this computer.
  • Integrate the boat’s instruments to EVOLUTION.
  • Buy the charts for your navigation area from C-MAP.

Check these articles for guidelines to work with.

As many brands and models of instruments exist, connecting yours to the onboard computer needs some planning. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and specific instructions.