The installation is done, and all the geeky things are over. With everyone having completed EVOLUTION’s basic training, it is time to start sailing. After a while, you will notice that the main changes are related to people. Yes, your team! Let’s check what benefits you should expect. A Well-Organized […]

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Evolution Installation Requirements


This article details the requirements for a successful installation of EVOLUTION. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the best options for your boat. Instruments EVOLUTION can work with all popular brands of instruments. Also, models that, although discontinued, are still found in many boats. The

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installation aboard - evolution on kuankun

Install Aboard

This article describes the typical installation process of EVOLUTION aboard. This applies only to the onboard computer. It includes requirements, recommendations, guidelines, and a few tips for those who have the task of putting everything to work. Usually, a qualified EVOLUTION specialist will do the initial installation for you. Still, a team

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nautical charts for evolution

Charts for EVOLUTION

When you install EVOLUTION for the first time or switch to a new sailing region, you will need new nautical charts. EVOLUTION uses the C-MAP chart sets, currently the MAX PC type and the recently discontinued NT+ type. Different chart sets cover the world’s navigation areas, with great detail in

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polar curves and God

Polar Curves

Polar curves are part of today’s sailing world. They are commonplace in sailboat design, rating methods, and instrument systems. They are also at the core of software applications like EVOLUTION. Polar curves are essential to yacht racing best practices. While racing, they help us solve performance, tactical, and strategic issues.

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Old Boats, New Tricks

The lingering question: Would state-of-the-art sailing techniques apply to historic tall ships? The chance for an answer came from a dear friend, Rear Admiral of the Argentine Navy Cesar Recalde, a true yachtsman and expert EVOLUTION user. “What if we tested EVOLUTION on the Libertad Frigate, our navy’s training ship?”

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