Training Courses

Sign up for the standard race navigator training classes. Get the most out of using EVOLUTION at different points during a regatta.

Standard Training Courses

These courses are aimed at the Race Navigator, who is the direct user of EVOLUTION and responsible for answering the questions of the other crew members.

All courses are structured as follows:

  • Modality: Virtual, using Google Meet.
  • Participants: Groups of 3 people who meet the prerequisites of each course.
  • Date and time: To be mutually agreed upon based on the participants’ schedules and time zones.
  • Duration: Four classes, each lasting 2 hours.
  • Price: € 150 per person, plus applicable taxes on a case-by-case basis. The base price for the group is € 450.
  • Payment method: Dependent on the location of the participant(s). Please get in touch with us for further information.
Using EVOLUTION during a Race
  • Audience: The Navigator and, optionally, the Tactician, the Helmsman, and Trimers.
  • Objective: Learn how to access the data that the Navigator must provide to the Tactician and the Helmsman during the start and the race. This course also includes essential technical aspects of interconnection to instruments.
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of regatta navigation terminology and EVOLUTION installed on a Microsoft Windows computer.
EVOLUTION for Pre-Regatta Strategy
  • Audience: The Navigator and, optionally, the Tactician.
  • Objective: Familiarize the Navigator with downloading forecasts to assist in developing the strategy to follow. How to use Predictwind to obtain optimal routes for medium and long-distance races.
  • Prerequisites: EVOLUTION installed on a Microsoft Windows computer.
Data Analysis with EVOLUTION/Njord Analytics
  • Audience: The Navigator and (recommended) the entire crew.
  • Objective: Explore the EVOLUTION functions to obtain different reports on performance, tactics, and instrument calibration. Also, learn how to export data from EVOLUTION to Njord Analytics.
  • Prerequisites: EVOLUTION installed on a Microsoft Windows computer and basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Instruments Interfacing and Calibrations

  • Audience: The Navigator. Each course is for a group that has the same instrumentation installed aboard.
  • Objective: Connect and configure EVOLUTION to your boat’s instruments. Understand what, when, and how to perform the calibrations necessary to obtain the most accurate data for racing and analysis.

  • Prerequisites: A clear knowledge of how to operate the instruments, EVOLUTION installed on the boat’s computer, and basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.