Purchase an activation for EVOLUTION. Read the license agreement. You can also buy assistance online in blocks of time for support, training, or data analysis.

Buy EVOLUTION 3.0+ Activation

EVOLUTION 3 Activation

Purchase an activation for EVOLUTION 3. Please, read the End User License Agreement and the Purchase Q&A below, and visit the Discover EVOLUTION page, which describes its main features.

880 USD

Upgrade from EVOLUTION 2 to EVOLUTION 3

Buy an Activation for EVOLUTION 3 if you are an EVOLUTION 2. This option only applies to version 2 clients.

480 USD

Ten Hours of Online Training/Support

Get 10 hours of online personalized help from our experts and installers. This time can be used for training or support during setup.

400 USD

Please, carefully read de terms under which EVOLUTION is licensed. If you have any doubts, please get in touch with us for clarifications.

Purchase Q&A

Activating the system enables it to receive data from the boat’s instruments. It requires exchanging two small files via email as part of the buying process. The activation is only required on the onboard computer you select for racing.

After installing EVOLUTION on your onboard computer and paying for the activation, follow these few simple steps:

  2. Check the folder “My Documents\My EVOLUTION“, and you will find a file with the name type “evolution_x.req“, for example, “evolution_0EKGASJ.req”.
  3. Send us the “. req” file and the proof of payment to support@evolution-tactic.com
  4. We will send you a file named “evolution_x y.lic“, for example, “evolution_0EKGASJ-0EKGAW8.lic“.
  5. Copy the “.lic” file to the “My EVOLUTION” folder.
  6. Rerun EVOLUTION to complete the activation.

If this computer gets repaired, you can reinstall EVOLUTION and use the initial activation. If you switch to another computer, you must request a new activation.

Yes, every time you install or use the system, activated or not, you are bound by the End User License Agreement.

There is only one edition of EVOLUTION, which you can download from this site. This system was designed for a single purpose: yacht racing.

Yes, the new maintenance and minor enhancements versions will work with the original activation. Yet, future versions with significant new features might need an additional activation at a discount fee.

Yes! We provide continuous generic support to our customer community. We also offer personalized assistance at a reasonable fee for clients facing their first installation aboard or specific challenges.

The activation fee does not include the C-MAP charts. Buying charts from C-MAP for your area depends on your location and sailing plans. It is a simple process; you can always contact us for support. Please, check this article.

While we set up our online shop, please get in touch with us for payment instructions.