Evolution Installation Requirements

This article details the requirements for a successful installation of EVOLUTION. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the best options for your boat.


EVOLUTION can work with all popular brands of instruments. Also, models that, although discontinued, are still found in many boats. The requirements are as follows:

Basic – Required for the system to deliver most of the data:

  • Wind sensor.
  • Magnetic compass.
  • Speed sensor through the water.
  • High precision GPS.
  • Connection port to exchange data with a computer.

Ideal – Equipment to improve the quality and quantity of information:

  • Mast displays that can show data sent by the computer.
  • Wind sensor with a vertical pole.
  • High precision gyro stabilizer compass.
  • Heel and fore-aft angle sensor.
  • AIS receiver or receiver-transmitter.


Below deck computer: a fixed industrial mini-PC or a rugged notebook. They should be powered by the ship’s 12V or a DC-DC adapter. Any modern computer will have the necessary capacity to run EVOLUTION.

To use a display on the deck, you can opt for a tablet with good brightness (600 or more nits); if it is waterproof, much better. This will act as a remote repeater for the computer. Use a simple Wi-Fi router to link both devices, also powered with 12V.

When using an industrial mini-PC, you can replace its monitor, keyboard, and mouse with the tablet working as a remote display.

Nautical Charts

With EVOLUTION installed, you should buy and install the C-MAP MAX/PC chart pack that covers your navigation area. This is a simple procedure for which we will assist you.

A Navigator

When you’re serious about using electronics onboard, have someone in the navigator role. He will be EVOLUTION’s primary user and will have, among many others, these responsibilities:

  • Keep the instruments in good condition and calibrated.
  • Make sure that the computer equipment arrives at the race configured and operational.
  • Use the deck display to inform the tactician (another vital role).
  • Preserve the data recorded during the regatta for later analysis.

The role of the navigator is essential for the successful implementation of EVOLUTION. The team leader should pick the right individual to fill these tasks with dedication.